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In early August, the New York holds the first exhibition in Huaying, exhibiting 32 watercolor paintings from the American watercolorist Fuzhang Lin’s “Sketch America”. In the past two years, Fuzhang Lin explored the changing four seasons and dyed the natural scenery under the “stocking” with color.

Fuzhang Lin said that he likes to sketch, because sketching is the primary source of creation. He often goes out to sketch, and in the process, he can stimulate ideas and new creations. He prefers the original ecology where the scene of human intervention is minimized. Sceneries such as America’s famous Yellowstone Park, mountains, streams, and rivers where plants grow in the wild freely and animals run freely. It is the nature he yearns for. Humans are aware of their great destruction of nature in the past and now people are calling for the protection of nature. Fuzhang believes that there are two ways to protect nature, one way is “stocking” and the other way is “pampering”. He believes that if humans “pamper” nature as one’s pet, nature lack the freedom to grow freely. However, his sketches use cascading colors to express freedom in nature without human intervention.

Speaking of the most impressive work in this exhibition, Fuzhang Lin said that he believes that similar scenery can present a completely different picture in different climates and environments. Therefore, even if he is 75 years old this year, he often travels to the various mountains and lakes to sketch. Chinese modern painter Tianshou Pan has a landscape painting called “After the Rain, Qianshan Iron Casting”, the mountains in his eyes are like iron, black and dark. Fuzhang Lin said he once saw in Boston a bright mountain in the sun after the rain. He created a watercolor painting named “Rain over the mountains.”

It is reported that the directors of the New York Arts Center, Chen Xi, Hu Yuntao and Wu Baozhen, the district curator Jingxiang, as well as people from the business world, overseas Chinese compatriots, and other artists attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and congratulated Fuzhang Lin.

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