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Liang Jundu was born in 1946 and graduated from Zhongshan University (Sun Yat-sen University) with a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree. His father, Liang Yongtai, is a famous painter and his mother is a musician. He has grown to love art at a young age due to the artistic environment. Started learning how to draw at age 4 and published his work at age 6. He is currently the President of the Hong Kong Health Calligraphy Research Association, the Vice President of the Hong Kong Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association and a member of the Hong Kong Calligraphers Association. In the early years, Liang Jundu studied from the Lingnan calligraphy everyone, Mai Huasan, and later trained Tang Yan, and then went up to Wei Bei, and had in-depth research on the script and the book. His calligraphy works: six-point chartology, four-point posts, and the ancient collection of the present, a self-contained family. The infuriating and straight-up sturdy, flying and sturdy and thick and sturdy, the spirit of strength, the wind of the wind, overflowing between the lines. There are collections such as “Drunk Silver Hook”, “Zen Min Zen” and “Healthy Calligraphy”, and many times held individual calligraphy exhibitions and organized the Guangdong and Hong Kong calligraphers to hold a joint exhibition of health and calligraphy.