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Luo Nou Na, Beijing professional painter, had a great interest in art at a young age. She studied oil painting at the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 2011 as a graduate student. He studied as a graphic designer, magazine, film and television, and art editor at the national level. Artist. Luo Ruona is a female artist with personality. Her creation emphasizes “imagery” and infused a large number of Chinese elements with the painting techniques of Western modern oil paintings. The technique of her works; heavy texture and brush strokes are free and easy to lose, heavy feeling, heavy imagery, emphasizing the sentiment of life, capturing the momentary inspiration, freely controlling the color and complementing the cold and warm, the color is partial, clear and elegant. However, it has a strong sense of color, highlighting the oriental rhyme and humanistic spirit, thus opening a distance from the culture of European and American oil paintings to form Chinese oil paintings. Her works have a quiet and elegant artistic conception, the ethereal spirit and the innocent innocence. Her works have been exhibited in Beijing and Guangdong for many times. In 2013, the work “Layer of the Jade” was awarded the Silver Artist Award of the 2nd China Gold Coin Golden Culture Art Competition, and the work “Impression of Daxing Printing Daxing” was selected by the Beijing Artists Association and presented at the National Art Museum of China. It was exhibited in March 2019. China (Jinan) Abstract Art Exhibition, her works “He Yun”, “Dream”, “Abstract Series” and other works are widely collected by collectors from Australia, the Netherlands, the United States, Hong Kong and China.