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People who pick up cans are everywhere, with every street the turf of a canner. But they are mostly invisible. Yet, once seen, the canners can be the reflection of how our society is doing. Are we more just, equal, and humane today than the days of the past?
Home: with and without
This series exposers the fell of comfortable that comes with having a private spaces, the loneliness without it and the distance between those with and without it.
Connection: Digitized
In this series, I am inspired by questions we all share: Are we having better communication because of our smart phones? Are we more connected as a result?
This series will explode the big issues facing humanity. I Hope these paintings stir conversations and a feast for your imagination.

獨展 11月10號–2019年12月1號

開幕會 星期日,11月10號, 中午至下午5點

in collaboration with filmmarker

Alvin Tsang

on visual installations


November 10 – December 1, 2019

Opening Reception

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019, noon to 5:00 pm

Located at

New York Arts Center

78 Bowery, Suite C1, NYC 10013